Newmania provides the complete internet solution. We supply domain names so that your business or personal site can be found at a simple address such as:

We also provide e-mail accounts so that you can have e-mail addresses such as Your own domain name is essential if you want your web site to look professional on the internet.

We can also supply a secure server for credit card transactions. Customers have their own cgi-bin allowing them to make the most of interactivity on their web site with cgi scripts.

We don't really have any set packages at Newmania, customers can pick the space they require, along with the number of e-mail accounts, giving you complete control.

One popular choice for users is our smallest offering. For £50 a year we will give you 5MB of space and a few e-mail forwardings. We also charge no set-up fee.

In general we charge £10 per MB and £10 per e-mail address, however if you are buying in bulk then these prices will come down considerably.

If you are a web designer yourself then why note take out a designer account? One package we can offer is 100MB of web space on which you can use 20 domain names each with different logins, and you can split the space as you wish. The price of this package is just £500 per year.

We can register .com domains for £40 for 2 years and's for £30 for 2 years. You can also transfer your current domain names over to use for free.

If you'd like to discuss arranging a package for your needs, please get in touch and let us know what you require.